Courage- Wear it, read it, have it

Cancer affects the people battling it and those who love them.
Wearing this powerful message of strength and tenacity shows support and solidarity. The ultimate directive is simple and clear, even on the hardest of days; have COURAGE, and fxck cancer.

YaTuren X

Proceeds go to help fund programs to raise awarawareness and educate about prevention and early detection

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I was there. My couragious spouse battled lymphoma as a young women and we wanted nothing more than to Fxck cancer. My expertise in jewelery craftsmanship along with the battle fought led to the collaboration with Be a part of getting the message out there by wearing the dog tag with pride - raising money towards awareness, prevention, and early detection.

-Y.A. Turen

When you can’t yell it, show it.

Awareness raises awareness and educates about prevention and early detection.  Our goal is to save lives by putting an end to late stage cancer diagnosis.

Through our National Awareness Tour, we travel across the United States waving the Fxck Cancer flag and shouting Fxck Cancer at the top of our lungs!  We put ourselves in front of close to 1 million people every year by activating our Awareness Booth at music festivals across the country.

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  • Ethan B.

    So happy with my F-cancer dog tag. It’s a great source of strength and a constant reminder of the need to be vigilant against this mortal enemy!! So stylish too!

  • B. Cohen

    I love the Fcancer dog tags. They are super cool and send a powerful message.

  • Tami T.

    I can’t explain how there are days that just wearing this necklace, or just touching the letters that say "courage", get me through. Its like a secret source of strength.

  • Zakai B.

    Cancer changed my life in ways that are indescribable. The loss of a loved one can hardly be conveyed ornamentally anymore than tears can take away the pain. And yet as I held this piece of jewelry in my hand for the first time, I was reminded that when summing up up how I feel about losing Yaakov so quickly, there are no two words better than this: F Cancer.